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Dependable Vehicle Buyers in Gosport, Hampshire

Sell your vehicle with ease with the help of our vehicle buyers. At ESM Recovery in Gosport, Hampshire, our team will talk you through the simple process of you selling your vehicle to us.

Vehicles Bought

No matter what the condition of your vehicle may be, we are happy to buy it from you. When we buy vehicles with minor damage we will often repair them and sell them on; but we generally scrap any badly damaged cars and sell them for parts.


When you wish to sell your vehicle, simply bring your vehicle into our garage or allow us to provide you with a free collection service. Depending on the vehicle, we may consider going further than Hampshire to pick it up.


You will always receive a fair price for your vehicle when you sell it to us. The price depends on the condition of the vehicle, but we will provide you with a competitive quote.

Contact us to learn more about our vehicle buyers and find out just how much money we will pay for your vehicle.